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Our app is an audio/visual experience! A complete music album combined with a full color digital comic book! Every chapter has a corresponding piece of music complimenting the story.

We have been very hard at work, to bring you this super high tech music album / comic book modern piece of art!

Included in the app

- 100% adventure
- Quirky grooviness
- A spectacular story
- Crisp, finger-snapping tunes
- 3d comic layout
- Extra bonus material in the app
- All homemade with love!

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Colorful Characters

Colorful Characters

A little peek into the characters of our story!

Hr & Fru OrgelDuo

Our lovely heroes are the innoocent and loving heart at the center of this whole adventure. Around them the story revolves - mostly without their knowledge.

Some people might tell you to treat everyday as an adventure. Hr & Fru OrgelDuo tend to treat an adventure like it's wednesday ..

Crew of Clemmentine the IIIrd

Meet our lovely crew of the airship Clemmentine - An old airship that looks suspiciously like a worn down fishing trawler under an unshapely balloon. However, it gets the job done, as cadet Bruckley would always say. What job in particular that might be, is anyones guess, however, the crew is brave and skilled. Well, brave in any case.

Cleveland J. Mortimer

Captain of Clementine. Fearless commander and doubtful navigator. He probably wouldn’t be able to find the salt at a dinner table, but could give a speech worthy of the Greek philosophers on why you really didn’t need salt anyway. Cleveland is old, so we are asked to forgive his speeches.


Cadet, 1st class aboard Clementine. Bruckley has intricate knowledge of anything explorer related. Historical facts, etiquette aboard an airship, chain of command, best practices, rigging, cleaning, caloric intake, balloon maintenance.. probably much more, only Bruckley would know. No one knows why he is called Bruckley. He should have a promotion coming any day now..


The ships intern. Young Lucy’s parents desperately needed a summer internship for their daughter. To be honest they needed it for themselves. Lucy can be a bit of a teenage mouthful, and this airship explorers business is a complete drag if you ask her. Usually the rest of the crew refrains from asking.

August McDangerfly

The old explorer, who took it all to the silver screen and created a legacy. A swashbuckling man’s man from a bygone age.

Yes, in our story he is very, very old. A fact that promptly results in his death and, subsequently, a whole lot of scrambling about for his substantial inheritance.

Skip Barnacles

Sidekick and navigator to McDangerfly. Skip would join August in his movies, and quickly got famous for his outbursts of “Barnacles!” whenever things got tough. We are told that back in the day the word Barnacles was very bad language - what a time it must have been! No one knows Skips real last name, or where he is now.

Maslow Cobbledonk

If you see Cobbledonk around, chances are something sinister is afoot. Mergers, acquisitions, hostile takeovers, board majorities.. this is all part of the Cobbledonk cocktail.

His 3 favorite things are money, power and devious evil plans. His favorite expression is a cold, calculating stare, and his favorite color is probably also something bad… like yellow perhaps.. We’re not sure what the most evil color is. It could be yellow.

Photo by
Martin Dam Kristensen



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Photo by
Kenney Elander Frisdahl Faurbye

The Band

The Band

Born2Bingo personel!

Simon Eskildsen

Organplayer from darkest Jylland..
Simon wants to do just about everything possible under the sun. Some would argue he should stick with playing the piano, but he just has to try and pick up hammond organ playing.. And drawing cartoons, coding apps, designing websites.. even writing this very sentence. Shame.

Daniel Sommer

Dangerously handsome drummer!
Daniel has been drumming on anything he can get close to since the dawn of Daniel. It's been hard at times, but recently the sounds has actually started to resemble beats. Strangely, music seems to have sprung from this primordial soup of noises.


The Born2Bingo band consists of the professional danish musicians Simon on Organ & Daniel on drums. They have been playing together for almost 20 years!

The band is the ultimate Daniel & Simon tailspin into a universe of grooves and doodles. All lovingly, passionately, obsessively homemade for you all!

Photo by
Martin Dam Kristensen



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